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Clash of Hades 7 December 2019


The GI JOE is a hard core 6 & 12 Km OBSTACLE COURSE race with mud, ropes, tunnels, barbed wire, tunnels, monkey bars, electric shocks, fire and more! Confront your fears and conquer them, stay fit & healthy, while having the time of your life! Believing in yourself. Here at the GI Joe Obstacle Race Your mental & physical strength WILL be tested and you WILL be forced to confront your fears for water… heights… darkness… fire…

Set against a backdrop of pristine Sandriver, lies Tikwe River Lodge, It is the perfect setting for the GI Joe Extreme Obstacle Course Race. Competitors will be challenged to #BeMore and conquer carefully chosen obstacles that extend over a specific trail, either as individuals or as part of a team.

Select your Fate

GIJoe now Proudly presents a 250m sprint as well as a Relay Race